I have a particular interest in site-specific and installation art in line with my PhD research (see my research page for more detail), as well as sculpture, performance art, Australian art, museology, art and feminism, museum architecture, arts policy and language.  I also have a blog which I occasionally update with musings on art and culture: hobART. Until recently I was the arts editor of Warp Magazine.

A selection of recent published articles and essays:

‘Master at Work’, Imprint 54, no. 2, 2019: 17-20.

‘Geoff Dyer: the Last Portraits’, Artist Profile 47, 2019: 142-143.

‘Art at a Glance: Tasmania’s Roadside Gallery’, Garland 11, 2018.

'Hobiennale Arts Festival', Realtime, 27 November, 2017.

‘Brigita Ozolins’, Warp Magazine, December, 2016: 18. Longer version of the interview published on my blog, hobART.

Festival for a Town that Doesn’t Conform’, Realtime 135, 2016.

‘Leo Kelly and the Three Days Darkness’, Warp Magazine, November 2016: 20.

Internationals, Locals, Any Body & Every Body’, Realtime 135, 2016.

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‘When Words Fail Emotion’, Warp Magazine, September, 2016.

‘Pokémon: it’s not cute by accident’, Warp Magazine, August, 2016.

‘Budgeting for the Soul’, Warp Magazine, June, 2016. Republished on my blog.

'Instasaturated', Warp Magazine, March, 2016. Republished on my blog as 'Instasaturated: the Tasmanian Landscape on Instagram'.

 ‘In Response: Community Criticality and Play’, Runway Australian Experimental Art, 29 April, 2016. 

 ‘The Lifecycle and Deathcycle of ARIs’, Runway Australian Experimental Art, 1 April, 2016.

'Venice Biennale: The Art of Housing Art'Realtime 127, 2015: 52-53.

‘Beyond the Gate’, catalogue essay for Amber Koroluk-Stephenson’s Beyond the Gate (2014), Bett Gallery, Hobart.  Essay can be downloaded from Bett Gallery.

‘In Defence of Pretty’, Warp, August: 20. 2014

‘The Creatures of Perry’s Realm’, catalogue essay to accompany Joel Crosswell’s Perry’s Realm (2014), Bett Gallery, Hobart.  Essay can be downloaded from Bett Gallery or my UTAS research page.

‘The Curious Business-speak of Tasmanian Arts Policy’, The Conversation, 14 March2014. 

‘All that Glisters is Not Gold’, catalogue essay for Amber Koroluk-Stephenson’s Quixotic Habitation (2013). MOP projects, Sydney. Essay can be downloaded from my UTAS research page.

'The Museum as Art: site-specific art in Australia's public museums.' PhD thesis, 2013. A PDF of my thesis can be accessed from my UTAS research page.

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