I am a freelance arts writer and artist based in Hobart, predominantly working in site-specific installation, drawing, photography, and more recently, performance art. I hold a PhD in art theory, ‘The Museum as Art: site-specific art in Australia’s public museums’, and my own artwork frequently critiques the politics of art spaces, parodying museum architecture, marketing and display. I create fictional environments or situations in which the viewer becomes an active participant, although not always knowingly. I have long used social media as a responsive engagement tool in installations like Notice of Proposed Development: 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart (Salamanca Arts Centre) (2017). I used the language of bureaucracy, planning and museum marketing to create a pseudo-development proposal that parodied contemporary museum architecture and the art world’s obsession with the ‘unique’.

More recently I’ve focused on a more direct in-person connection, such as my performance An Australian in New York (2018). For the durational performance, I posed as an Australian tourist besotted with New York City. Dressed in a bejeweled baseball cap and an iconic I <3 NYC tee, I engaged commuters walking along a gungy strip of 23rd street using the tourist ‘language’ of the selfie.

I am currently working on a series of performances called Performing the Abels, in which I climb and perform on Tasmania’s Abel Mountains (the 158 Tasmanian mountains that are above 1,100 meters and separated by a drop of at least 150m on all sides). The project seeks to address the gap between artistic representations of the landscape and the experience of being in these stunning environments. It’s impossible to capture the sheer vastness of ancient wilderness in places like the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. I cannot convey the crisp air that catches at the back of my throat as I ascend Mount Jerusalem, nor the gentle rustling of pencil pines, or the trickle of water as it snakes its way from one alpine tarn to the next. It’s not enough to represent the landscape through mimetic means, but I can record my experience of being in the landscape as a temporary visitor.

Art Practice CV

See the writing and research pages for a list of my published articles, conference activity and research.

Art-related Education

2013    Doctor of Philosophy, University of Tasmania. ‘The Museum as Art: Site-specific Art in Australia’s Public Museums’.  Supervised by Professor Jonathan Holmes and Dr Brigita Ozolins.  Examined by Anthony Bond (Art Gallery of NSW), Associate Professor Robert Nelson (Monash University), Associate Professor Rex Butler (Monash University).

2004-07    Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (First Class), University of Tasmania (Art & Design Theory, Sculpture).

Solo Exhibitions

2017  Notice of Proposed Development: 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart (Salamanca Arts Centre), Salamanca Arts Centre and online.

2016   #Fanart, Round Room Gallery

2015    Façade, Top Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre.

2014    Museum Patterns, Round Room Gallery, Hobart. Accompanied by an artist book of the same name.

2013    Notice of Proposed Development: 100 Goulburn St, Hobart (Constance ARI), Constance ARI, Hobart.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Finalist, Bay of Fires Art Prize (with Performing the Abels (Mount Jerusalem)).

2018 Art in Odd Places, New York City.

2016   Sculpture Trail, Fractangular Arts and Music Festival, Tasmania.

2016   Inappropriate Appropriate Ideas, The Curated Shelf.

2013    The Plimsoll Inquiry, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart.

2013    Investigations, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart.

2013    Friend in Hand, Poobah Gallery Hobart.

2009    Forced Collaboration, Inflight ARI, Hobart.  Collaborative exhibition with Sarah Jones, financed by a Janet Holmes à Court Artists’ Grant.

2006    Canned, IXL Atrium, Hobart.  Curated by Angela Griffiths.

2006     Mountain Festival Sculpture Trail, Hobart Rivulet Walk, Curatorial Panel: Jennie Gorringe, John Vella, Philip Watkins (Winner of the Hobart Water Art Prize).

2003     North Sydney Council Art Prize, finalist, work acquired by North Sydney Council.

Selected Curatorial

2015    Five Way Moiré, Round Room Gallery, Hobart.

2009-10    Post, 10% Pending, various locations around Hobart.

2007-09    Guerrilla Gallery I-VI, 10% Pending, various locations, including Mawson’s Place, This is Not Art Festival (Newcastle), The Village (Melbourne), Installed Taste, Hobart.

2008    Geometric Nature, Devonport Regional Gallery, Tasmania.

Selected Grants, Awards and Residencies

2018 City as Site: Performance and Social Interventions, SVA residency, New York City.

2015  Rosamond McCulloch Studio Residency, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

2015  Artsbridge Grant, Arts Tasmania.

2014    Marie Edwards Travelling Scholarship for Art, Craft and Design.

2014    Vita Brown Bursary Bequest Grant, Arts Tasmania.

2012-13    CAST studio residency, Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania.

2010    John Davis: Presence, review writing award, NGV Australia. Judged by David Hurlston.

2010    Graduate Scholar Award, Common Ground, 2010 International Arts in Society Conference.

2010    Graduate Research Candidate Conference Fund Scheme, to present at the 2010 International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, Istanbul.

2009    Janet Holmes à Court Artists’ Grant, National Association for the Visual Arts.

2009    Graduate Research Candidate Conference Fund Scheme, to present at the 2009 International Arts in Society Conference, Venice.

2008-12    Australian Postgraduate Award.

2007    Tasmanian Emerging Curator Grant, CAST.

2006    Ignition: National Association for the Visual Arts Prize, National Association for the Visual Arts and the University of Tasmania.

2006     Hobart Water Arts Prize, Mountain Festival Sculpture Trail.

Selected Bibliography

2017  Harper, Andrew. ‘A Model of Satire’, The Mercury, 29 April: 21.

2017  Interview with Firas Massouh about museum architecture and my installation, Notice of Proposed Development: 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart (Salamanca Arts Centre), ABC Radio Hobart, 26 April.

2016    Arts panel, ABC Local Radio, Hobart, 23 March

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2006 'Artnotes', Art Monthly Australia.

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Community Involvement

2017-current     Peer, Australia Council for the Arts

2013-14              Board Member, Constance ARI. 

2007-2012        Committee Member, Plimsoll Gallery.

2007-2010        10% Pending Artist Run Initiative, co-founding committee member.

2006-07            Committee Member, Entrepot Gallery. 

2006                 Art School Student Representative, University of Tasmania.

2005                 President, Tasmanian School of Art Sculpture Society.





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